Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The start of something ... wet

Before photos of the bathroom.

I made a serious effort to take these - since I am usually in such a rush to repair or clean that I forget to take befores.

A lot of discovery going on. Don't you love that subway tile and hex floor ?

Wish me luck.

The shower area - and my gallon of vinegar. This is hideous.
Hopefully the original faucet will be reusable - I'm not confident about that with my plumber. 

The plastic tile on the wall was originally minty green. Someone painted it white with those picked out colors added. The 2 doors are to a medicine cabinet and laundry chute.

Original 1900 tile. The top cap tile was chiseled off all around to make smooth walls ready for <gasp> plastic tile installed on top. Pretty much all the original tile is trashed.

This picture just plain makes me sad.

Floor tiles. so much damage to them - only thing left to do is cover and move ahead.