Thursday, March 6, 2014

The 10 lessons I have learned while skim coating the parlor walls:

1. If you can "get away with" one coat, do it, dammit
2. That is neither skill nor cockiness in your second coat, its teeny tiny air bubbles
3. Hang draperies and framed pictures, appropriately, to hide the pin holes - they aren't going anywhere
4. Plaster dust does not appear to be immediately deadly
5. You will act out every part of your favorite musical while performing this mind numbing, endless, suicide inducing procedure
6. Invest in a Magic Trowel: the love child of David Copperfield and Chriss Angel
7. To successfully limit tracking plaster dust in other rooms you will become the master of your bladder
8. "Catching up on sleep" is the new "black"
9. Easy clean up means skim coat naked
10. The Magic Trowel is much more magical if you remove the cover sleeve before use .........