Friday, April 25, 2014

What's a Parlor ?

Work in the parlor, the homes most formal room, and the original music room, has been progressing fairly well, but slowly. I cannot believe this has been going on since January.
With the walls painted, the original woodwork in the house looks more outstanding the I expected. I love my bright yellow ladder and note the Dollar Tree bucket and reused yogurt container ... Where would I be without all those plastic containers for wash water and such.

After skimming the walls and priming, painting and general clean up went on fairly well.

As anyone who has sanded even a tiny patch of plaster/drywall mud knows, the dang dust finds its way into places even the dog hair never reaches.

So the walls have a single coat of paint on them, the ceiling base color is done and the border colors are in place.

Last night I finished taping off the outlines for the gold line-work on the ceiling and stuck on a first coat of gold paint. to paint the gold outlines onto the ceiling I bought the "best" quality tiny-detail style roller that Lowes had ... and I can't think of a worse investment. It stinks. it is lumpy, doesn't roll smoothly and smears the paint, but I am not about to go buy more, so I painted and cursed and painted and cursed and finally got that first coat on.

Here are some photos of the room as it is since about 10 pm last night.

Now that it's getting palpably close, I'll probably find more time to post about it here. Stay tuned ...

Picture rail in place, bands of color in place on the ceiling. outlines of gold to come - see below ...

last night I finished taping and painted the first coat of gold paint ... the final design that I did is posted below and includes stencils ... I have never stenciled before ... anyone wanna help ??