Wednesday, May 7, 2014

baby steps ...

I admit it: I get overly involved in tedium.

Once the big picture is planned, and the messy deconstruction is done, I become utterly obsessed with tedious minutia: smoothing caulk so that a corner is more crisp than it was built, adding yet another wash-coat of paint to potentially improve the color saturation of the walls, micro painting  with 00000 sized brushes and barely a thimble-full of paint.

Im there, now, in the parlor ... and I am not sure how to escape.

Over the past 2 weeks the ceiling has been nearly completed (save those late night micro-painting adventures). The stenciling is still needed, but I planned for that to wait.

My old cast iron fireplace surround and stone mantle are in place, and the over mantle mirror is bolted to the wall. I have dragged these parts around from house restore to house restore for years. They are not original to the home. Accomplishing this was huge job since I had to build a structure inside of the fireplace surround to support the combined 500-600 pounds of stuff that I attached to the wall. There is a brick chimney inside the wall, and the floor is structured to support a hearthstone, but a proper fireplace was never put in.

In my desire to complete the room before moving in furniture this weekend I am in the midsts of that tedium-cyclone. My focus becomes minute and I get overly involved in adding a layer of shellac to the baseboards, edging paint, and flicking paint drips from numerous previous owners off of the wood trim.

Maybe writing it down in the first step to healing ... nah ... I just repositioned a light to show all of the tiny imperfections on a 2 x 3 inch space in a corner ... I'll be up all night.